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The end of Blub


Writers note:

Many months have passed since SaruSven and Giandalf took that leap of fate together and jumped carelessly into the abyss after some hideous monstrosity *looks happily back on good old days*. Yet all great tales have to have an ending. It seemed that the 2 wizards who have so joyfully mocked one of the greatest stories of the 19th century (and especially the movie!) were never going to have an adventure anymore. WRONG!

I admit, I never thought I’d take the time to open my laptop again and start writing one of those funny and controversial tales that we all love so much.

Yet this night (must be a full moon) I find the writers gene irresistible and I start yet again where we left of….


Through the gates.


Shadowprint leaped over, strode and galloped with a natural elegance between the thousands of bodies clashed together in epic combat. Indeed, the scope was certainly epic, Not in the

longest recess ever recorded did the playground look so crowded. The armies of Blub pitched every available teacher, substitute, janitor or brainwashed Orcil against our own assortment of fighters. Giandalf didn’t have the time however to contemplate the moment and whatever brought us there, time was of the essence! Although the destruction of the “Maigret” would ensure a sizeable portion of Blub’s power to be destroyed and sever it from the magic of the internet (so it can never dominate us again.) The embodiment of blub, it’s avatar in Middle-School so to speak, had to be destroyed. Giandalf knocked down an orcil with his staff and steered on. Giandalf knew that when Gilldo finally throws that infernal book into Mount trash it will be the end of Blub! She will be stopped from tuning in to the weather channel and conjuring up some damned darkness whenever she pleases. Best of all it would be done with the mind controlling of thousands of innocent pupils, broken by french tests and useless tasks which turned them into orcils. The tought of the process made him shiver. “No” he reasoned, “Got to stay focused now.” He made a sweeping motion with his hand and a particular ugly troll was suddenly brandishing a rubber chicken instead of a zero-shaped club. Finally Giandalf reached the lowest part of the Blubdorian gates.


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Watch out …

The Tooks may have been quiet …

They may have seemed to be vanished …


Guess what ?


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The Lord of Maigret: The 3 hunters

(Because of several accuracy problems and because we wanted to introduce several new jokes we decided to change the order of 2 chapters in this story compared with the Tolkien counterpart, for that we apologize.)

Let us hunt some Orcil!

Aramax threw away most of the unnecessairy equipment, she fastened penduril around her waist and said to Glenmli. “I will not leave Nicorry to homework and tests. Let’s hunt some orcil!” “Yeessss!!” Glenmli picked up his axe and ran after Aramax who dissapeared in the woods. The 2 hunters ran with all speed, stopping only to sleep or eat and after the first day they hardly didn’t do any of those 2 things anymore! “They are runnin’ … as if tha very whips … of their … masters … were behin’ them.” Glenmli yelled at Aramax, while puffing and trying to keep up. Aramax halted and looked around a corner. All she could see where corridors upon corridors upon corridors, it seemed endless. “2 days and nights pursuit … no food … no rest … and no sign of our quarry … then what bare tiles can tell!! I’m tellin’ ya Aramax, something’s wrong here … something gives speed to these foul beasts … and sets his will against us.”


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The Lord of Maigret: The Triangle of Blub

The host marched on: pupils, gamers, elves and wizards marched through the corridors of doom and entered the dreaded eastern wing of Middle-School. Right in front of them stood the lobby of Minas Entrance. Minas Entrance is the home of the Naz-Teachers: a place where tests are wrongfully corrected and where the coffee-machine of doom supplies them. But no longer. Aramax, Giandalf and Sarusven rode into the corridor towards the dark lobby and collapsed it. Any Naz-Teachers would now be locked in there until judgement day, with only the spluttering coffee-machine of doom to keep them company… Soon after this small victory they reached the black gates of Blubdoor. The host gathered on the small playground before the high black gates and waited… Aramax looked around, the crowd was restless.. although there was no fear in their eyes, it is always hard to wait for battle. “Let’s get it over with!”: she said to her companions. Giandalf nodded and together they turned their horses towards the gates, SaruSven, Glenmli, Eostynn, Daxie and Nicorry in their wake. They halted right in front of it. Aramax looks up and yells: “Let the teacher of the dark French come forth! Let justice be done upon her!” As if in reply the gates opened and a dark figure rides out to meet them. This was no Naz-Teacher, since there was no aura of anxiety and examfailure around it. But who then could it be? The figure halts in front of Aramax, it had no eyes although it seemed to be looking right at her. It’s mouth was huge, with razorsharp teeth and some sort of markings around the helmet it wore (V(-1/0)). The most disturbing thing they could see was a long, sharp geometric triangle hanging from it’s belt. There was something reddish dripping of it… “My mistress, Blub the great, bids thee welcome.” It smiled in a most gruesome way. As soon as SaruStrike heard the weird accent in which it spoke he whispered to Giandalf: “Another math teacher…” “Definatly, and it looks like it’s the Triangle herself. ” “The Triangle of Blub?, the most ruthless and strict math-teacher of all?” SaruSven asked.


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The Lord Of Maigret: The treachery of VC

Arrivals and Videocards

All was quiet in Isenclass, the children were playing happilly on their pc/tree-hybrids. Field were green, games were all around and it looked like those blue skies would never go away, when all of a sudden a “Pop” was heard. Some of the children looked up in total amazement. There stood a real grey wizard over there!!! SaruSven looked around: “Oef” he thought “all is normal here.” And he was quite right, having seen the destruction of most classrooms or playgrounds, he was relieved that this one was unharmed. A great number of children ran towards him and started pulling his robes.
“Mister, is it true that you invented the Quantum GT X-force videocard 6000?!!.” “yes but….” “WAUW!!” the child yelled “hey guys, come take a look It’s the inventor of the Quantum GT X-force videocard 6000″ ” Ow dear, here we go again” he sighed and…. he was gone. “where did he go?” a little girl asked. There was a great deal of “Ooooh” and “Aaaawww” and dissapointed faces (quite sad actually). One of the boys leaned against a Pc/tree and sat down. As he sat down he saw silver blossom twirrling down and he heard a familiar tone on his pc. “New hardware found…” I don’t think there is any need to clarify what had happened… let us just say that the wind of silver leaves and the sound of cheers says enough. ( Not to mention that the pc’s were now working with 2048 MB of DRR3 ram, at a frequency of 2500 Mhz and a memory clock-rating of 1200 Mhz, powered by 2400 pixel-pipelines and 5050 vertex-shaders (isn’t magic wonderfull?)) As for SaruSven?
He reappeared at the edge of the woods and walked quickly over the fields towards the great doors of Orthclass ….

VC Of Many Colours

As SaruSven approached the massive doors of Orthclass a teacher clad in multicoloured robes stepped down the solid metal stairs:”Smoke rises from the Mountain of Trash, the hour grows late and SaruSven beams to Isenclass seeking my counsel. For that is why you have come is it not?… my old pupil.” The Teacher smiled weakly as she said it.


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Find the odd Schnitz out.

As you might know in the REAL Lord of the Rings the fellowship of the ring was constantly followed by a creature called Gollum (or Smeagol).
In The Lord of Maigret the fellowship of Maigret is followed by a similar creature called Glennum Schnitzmol (based on the maker of proggieweb!!)
Now from this point forward you will find subtle hints and references throughout our stories that point to Glennum Schnitzmol. He will most of the time be recognised by the blazing red hair he has. Can you find him in all the stories??

If you’re looking for a more serious challenge you can also try to find all the magic of Lady Linadriel wich provides aid to the fellowship (mostly very green magic). These can be very subtle and unexplainable things like the weather clearing at JUST the right moment. Or someting amazingly obvious like an animated sword that tries to drive Glennum away from the fellowship. =)
When you’re absolutely convinced you’ve got one of these locations, send your answer to
The first references will occur in the week of 28 june. Have Fun!!

Merry and Pippin.

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The Lord Of Maigret: "Crossing Smithadras"

The Machinery of VC:

This small story begins in the dungeons of Orthclass. VC was just inspecting her latest victims, students, cheaters and friends of those blasted Void-followers. She had chained them to their desks where they were forced to learn and study and by VC’s demonical english lessons they were brainwashed. They became the Orcil-High. Very different from the Orcils of Blub!, because these were brainwashed with English, the Orcils of Blub were brainwashed with french. English created more loyal and able warriors (or slaves!). One clever pupil managed to escape and ran for the door. VC just stood there watching as the Orcil guards couldn’t stop him. She gave a deep sigh and , in a flash, she shifted herself through space in front of the pupil. BANG! VC gave him a headbutt, with her o-so-famous diadem (wich was nothing more than a rusty spiked headband ) to remember for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, that life wouldn’t stand for more then, let’s see, …. 5 seconds. As the Pupil lay there crawling in pain on the floor VC said: “Trying to get away, hmm. Oh, now I need to clean my diadem again. And you know how I hate cleaning, don’t you. My dear!” The pupil looked horrified. VC waved her hand and in a green flash the pupil was sent to essay-land? The orcil-guards stopped, became silent for a moment and those that had a hat, took it of for a second. VC scurried them away: “There will be NO compassion for the enemy, my dears!!” she said. The Orcil-guards quickly ran for their posts! Fearing a similar fate! VC looked pleased: “One more cargo of lazy followers and I’ll have an army big enough to launch an attack upon Middle-School” She started laughing maniacally. In her classroom she sat down behind her desk still enjoying herself. She took a remote and zapped to the security channel on her Paleser (wich was just a big Zero-shaped eraser.) As she was skimming through the security camera readouts she saw the most dreadfull thing! The fellowship had escaped her flying dictionnairies and were now heading towards the Pellenor playgrounds over the slopes of Smithadras!! (not the peak as in “The Glennrog of Myleroth” the slopes were the rooftops on the second level under the classroom of Smithadras.) VC quickly looked in her robes for her cellphone, then she remembered that the damn things wouldn’t be invented for over 20000 years and gave orders to the Orcils at the door to bring the Nymfomaniac Zenwâe to the top of Orthclass and command her to block the fellowships path. VC had captured Zenwâe’s mate and imprisoned him in the classrooms beneath Orthclass. As was the custom with Nymfomaniacs they were like sheep without their mate. So although Zenwâe didn’t WANT to hurt the fellowship, she had to, because this sexloving creature was under VC’s control!

Nowhere to go:

In the meanwhile the fellowship was hurrying over the rooftops of Smithadras, an abyss on one end, a concrete wall on the other. When suddly Glenmli halted. “Are you tired, Master Dwarf?” SaruSven said teasingly. “No you rascal” Glenmli said “Their is a bitchy voice in the air!, I can tell, it sounds just like my Seventh wife!!” “It’s VC!!” Giandalf yelled “She’s using a Nymfomaniac!” “Well then we must go back!” Glenmli said! “NOOO!!” SaruSven held up his staff and started yelling at the bitchy voice: “Moktdagewegze Ghij Ohnoosell trezebeesoum”

And the voice replied:
Anorexia aiaiaai Come fatih oh yea, we bangbang en tralalaaaa Oeeioei I pregneroum, enn it’s UNWANTED!!

At the sound of “unwanted” a giant condom struck the upstairs classroom and the walls of Smithadras crumbled and fell down. Giandalf and SaruSven where only just able to conjure up a giant “PILL” to protect the fellowship. GRRMBL, CRASH aaah BANG preciouss RRRUUMBLE, as the avalanche crashed down upon them. When All the debris had fallen in the abyss, the pill vanished and they looked up. From the upstairs classroom only a blackboard could be seen. “We should’ve taken a different road. “Giandalf muttered. “We could go through the caves of Jomia” Glenmli offered “My people have taken that area from the enemy and have been hiding out there for years. We will be welcome there.” “It is TOO dangerous!” SaruSven yelled. “Let the Bookbarer deside!” Giandalf said calmly. All eyes turned towards Gilldo. He swallowed then said: “We will go through the caves of Jomia!”
“So be it….” SaruSven tought.

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Notes on "The Glennrog of Myleroth"

We will now wave away all the rumors about SaruSven and Giandalf’s death.
They did not die. (bad news for Proggieweb!!, the war continues!!)

No, they paid a brief visit to cyberspace (afterlife). Why cyberspace? Because the stories are based upon a made-up faith called “The Void” (he is the God of Cyberspace and everything that has to do with computers.) and he has a sister called Dell, our pc-Matron (or Game-matron since she is the Lady of all games). You will hear these names frequently throughout “The lord of Maigret” since it is actually a battle between the evil forces of school: Nâz-Teachers, The Great Blub… and the followers of the Void: (E.G. Giandalf and SaruSven). Now, as you know teachers are people (excuse me: creatures!!!) with great power. The Nâz-Teachers have but to wave their hand and you are locked forever in essay-land where you will have to do homework for no marks at all, for the rest of your life under the allseeing eye of Mr. “The Wild”. This is also what will happen if the “One Maigret” falls into the claws of the great blub! On their little excursion Giandalf and SaruSven met our Game-matron: Dell (the void was still sleeping) and she used her extroadinairy powers and cheatcodes to triple! (yes TRIPLE!!) The 2 wizard’s power… they were also given an intire new and more powerfull array of spells, based on their old ones. (compare Giandalfs lightningbolt in “The Glennrog of Myleroth” with the one from “The Mère-Queen of Lâtmar”, you will find he has a great deal more control over it, not that he can’t controle the wheater on a massive scale, ha can still do that as well) and are now equals in power with all the Nâz-Teachers (in some occasions even higher in power!). So they can not be send to essay-land with a wave of a hand (or claw).

From that moment on, they were both White Wizards and were sent back by FTP-Protocol until their task was done…

PS: for a copy of “the ten commandments of The Void” (our guidlines) click here

now enjoy the Glennrog of Myleroth =)!!
Pippin and Merry

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Well, not REALLY counterstrike (the game I mean 😉 ), you’ll have to ask Pippin about that!
Well I’ll get straight to the point!, We are at war!!! A pupil from our class has declared war upon us by opening a Counterblog (thinking he can become as good as us probably)…
Well, to get at LEAST our own class and school on our side (some sort of uniting against evil)
I will from this moment on, do the MASSIVE work of copying our stories and set a link underneath each ENGLISH story that will take you to….. a DUTCH one.
Now this is very tiresome work and I hope many will appreciate it…

So, We will unite against Proggie’s Web or we will fall….


Merry!! 😉

Tonight!, the land will be stained with the bytes of proggieweb!, Go now!, march to Proggieweb! leave nothing undeleted!,…TO WAR!!!! There will be no dawn for Proggie….

You will taste proggieweb bytes !!

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We’re growing! =D

Not in inches, centimeters, or somthing like that, though…
The Crazy Tooks exists for a week by now , and allready have we welcomed guests from China, America, London, and even Singapore!
Anyone who wants to know the exact numbers:

Click here

Off course, it’s not that much, but we, little hobbits we are, are very pleased with numbers like this!
That’s why we thank you very much, and invite you to come back regulary, to check our newest adventures!

Now, let’s have a pint! =D ( yes, really, they come in pints !! 😀 )

Merry and Pippin.

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