The Hunt For Seline

As you might know, there aren’t just ugly teachers. (Altough there are a LOT more of them =) ) Ugly pupils exist to!! (NOOOOOOOO!!!)… One of these “creatures” is called a “Seline”… brrrrr
How can I best describe it? (yes, you’ve heard me, it’s an “It” we wouldn’t want to insult the male and feminin, would we!! 😮 !!) Well, I will not describe this, teacher-adoring, ******, little, *****, *********, thing!! (wooops I did it again :p, luckaly we have a spelling-checker 😉 ). Well, since this IS a blog for young and old I will not go into it any further…

But there IS a nice movie in wich Saruman does us a little favor, by hunting down Seline! (Pay VERY close attention to Lurtz’s head when he knows what he has to do :D)

Click here

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  1. ook dit verhaal is megagoed

  2. well done

  3. echt waar veeeel beter als die domme proggie


    G&S ==> GOED

  5. goe verhaaltje.. die seline moet tog lelijk zijn hoor.. en zo dom :s:s

  6. gianni en sven zijn coole gasten.. DE GLENN DAARENTEGEN NIET!!!!!

  7. Leuke site!. Er zijn nog weinig goede sites over dit onderwerp te vinden.
    Ben blij met jullie toevoeging!
    Ik kan helaas geen bookmark aanmaken naar in Firefox. 😦 Weten jullie hoe dit komt?

    Groetjes Barbara

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