The Lord of Maigret: The Mère-queen’s hour

The Defense of Minas Exit
The great battle still waged on over the pelennor playground… The teachers and the pupils they had brainwashed had broken the gates towards Minas Exit, (meaning the School’s only Exit and surrounding classrooms). And now the good defenders of Minas Exit stood against the many brainwashed slaves of the teachers. Again the Catapults released there deadly homework and windows shattered as they hit the glass. The first wave of brainwashed pupils pourred into the corridors. Just as they wanted to climb the steps towards the lockers BANG!!! they all exploded into tiny little bits. Apperently a group of students under the leadership of SaruSven had rigged the stairs with exploding calculators. But it only slowed them down, after 2 more waves the Orcils (Easier said then done, because what they saw, was devastating…. Large Orcils spawned in the Sixth grade where marching on the stairs, armed with spiked clubs. For a moment fear struck the hearts of the small band but knowing what they had to do they charged forth and started fighting with the Orcils. From a side-gate SaruSven runned in and casted a spell at the nearest Orcil. The Orcil suddenly got such a pain in his back that he couldn’t scratch his big toe and it annoyed him so much that he got a headache and fell to the ground. (still following =p ??, well SaruSven IS a powerfull wizard….) Although this Orcil laid silently on the ground, many others were coming towards the two wizards. Giandalf casted another desintegrate-spell, but the Orcils were too many. Just when they thought it couldn’t get any worse, they heard a rumbling noise coming towards them. As they peeked over the shoulder of another dead Orcil, they saw the most ugly substitutes coming up, armed and dangerous … The substitutes ran towards the big gate and started to smash it with their big zero-shaped clubs and their essay-explosives. One ran over to Giandalf in hopes of smashing the poor wizard. SaruSven saw it just in time and yelled: “Giandalf!! behind you, FRY IT!!!” Giandalf Turned quickly, lightning arced from his hand and staff and barbecued the ugly substitute. (Although we have to say, we don’t want any substitutes on OUR barbecue party’s ;).)

Nicorry: the brave hobbit!!
In the meanwhile, little hobit Nicorry ran trough the corridors, desperately searching for one of the two wizards. At this time, the battle had allready spread troughout most of Minas Exit, and only the upper classrooms remained safe … for now, at least . Nicorry turned arround the corner, and stood, all the sudden, face to face with an Orcill. ( allthough Nicorry saw only most of its chest ).

As quick as possible, he took his small knive and planted it in a somewhat paaainfull place. When the beast fell over, still clenching the remains of his ***, Nicorry noticed the shadow over his shoulder. Behind him stood a figure, clad in white. “Fight, fight till the last man, fight for your marks”, he shouted, not noticing the little hobbit standing at his legs … Suddenly the wizard felt someting pulling on his robes, quickly he pointed his staff and was about to speak an incantation when: “Nicorry!!, what are you doing here! this is no place for a hobbit!” He quickly withdrawed his staff and pointed it at a random Orcil who flew 3 meters in the air, crashed against the ceiling and had the intire milky-way playing before his eyes. “Giandalf” nicorry yelled:”the defenders have lost there minds!, the mére-queen is burning them alive!”Without speaking another word Giandalf ran in the direction of the East wing, closest to Fysic Morgul where the Mére-Queen dwells.

Finding Eostynn
The East-wing wasn’t that heavily defended, granted it was immediatly next to Fysics Morgul but seperated by a strong wall and there was no entrance throughout the intire wing. What demonical wichcraft could’ve destroyed the wall wich seperated the east-wing classrooms with Fysic Morgul? As he ran through the corridors he saw the battle had indeed spread to the east wing, a strong group of swordsmen onder leadership of éostynn had just arrived to aid in the defence of Minas Exit. “Giandalf!!” Eostyn called “I’m glad you’ve come, we are about to clean out hose infernal beasts!, they are no match for us!” “I’m glad you haven’t lost your spirits my friend, but I carry grave news, the Mére-Queen of lâtmar is here!, only this brave hobbit was able to escape.” éostynn became silent for a moment, then his face filled with resolve: “Let her come,I’ll be ready!!.” “I’ll go ahead, if you see SaruSven send him to me, and get there yourself!!, I’ll need all the help I can get” the wizard spoke gravely, Eostynn nodded, and as quick as a shadow, the wizard departed on his fabolous white horse Shadowprint …

The Mère-Queen of Lâtmar!!!
As he turned around the corner he saw a dreadfull scéne: pupils, friends, allies, all were dead or in heavy states of shock, homework littered the floor, plaster was torn of the wall, and everywhere scorchmarks could be found. in the midst of this nightmare stood a tall figure in black robes, baring some sort of crown…. It was the Mère-Queen of Lâtmar! She turned on the spot, facing the wizard. Then she inhaled deeply and attempted to suck the entire corridor vacuüm. As he grasped for air, he waved his hand upwards and the Mère-Queen was blown in the air, against the ceiling. Then she crashed on the floor. A soft cracking sound was heard, apperently the Mère-Queen’s large vacuum-sucking nose was broken (odd?, do undead people even have noses? or lungs that is?) But it was as if she could bend the laws of fysics to her will, because she was lifted on her feet by an unseen force. At that point she took out a véééry large mace embroierd with a dark “J”…. “Do you not know dead when you see it? Ijônge?” she spoke in the ancient tongue. “Go back to the the endless correcting work that awaits YOU and your master!” Giandalf replied. She advanced on him and swung her mace in the air, ready to strike. Giandalf muttered a quick spell to turn the mace into a chicken, but the big dark “J” turned red and absorbed the spell… it then turned dark once more. Giandalf leaped aside barely missing the stroke of the dark teachers mace. As he regained breath he waved his hand pointing to the air above the Mère-Queen, out of thin air an anvil appeared and fell downwards, this time it was the Mère-Queen who had to leap aside.
“FOOOOL!!!” the Mére-Queen yelled! She pointed her sword at the wizard and an exploding pack of fysic-essays shot out, speeding rapidly towards poor Giandalf. The wizard raised his staff high. A blue light appeared and then…. BOOOM!!! the corridor collapsed. Dust covered the wizard from sight but once it had faded all there was to see was a large pile of rubble blocking the entire width of the corridor. “Aaargh!, that was my only way back!!” the Mère-Queen yelled….. “no matter, I’ve got pupils to…..” “”BANG” A large magical turkey hit the undead teacher in the back and she flew against the pile of stones wich covered the body of Giandalf…. It was SaruSven, who had just arrived in time to stop the treath of the Mère-Queen.

Sarusven To the Resque
She seemed unimpressed. ” Is that all you can do, Ijonge ? ” She grabbed her mace, ready to strike down another wizard, when someting happened, something she didn’t expect. All of the sudden, SaruSven dissapeared, as tough he desintegrated in thin air … “Show yourself” yelled the Mère-Queen, suddenly with a kind of fear in her voice. She turned around and yelled once more ” Show yourself, Ijonge, if your points are dear to you! ” At that precice moment, a flash of light blinded her. As she was regaining sight, she felt the breath of SaruSven, who apparated behind her. Without thinking, the Mère-Queen grabbed her mace and swung it around. She nearly hit SaruSven … “Come on”, he said. “Is that all you can do?”. The thing that he least expected, happened… As if Murphy had joined the party, the Mère-Queen said ” No, Ijonge, you have no idea of what I can do, can you?” She spoke some kind of spell, again in the ancient language of the Teachers … A large pile of deadly fysics-exams fell out of the air, again marked with the terrible ‘J’. It was too late for SaruSven to conjure a counter-spell, and he was hit by the exams …

The death of the Mère-Queen

Now that she had beaten the two white wizards, nothing or no one seemd to be able to stop her … As she stood there, enjoying her victory, she smelled someone approaching. Out of the dust, the image of Eostyn became clearer …
“So” she said ” You also want to join your fallen compainions ?”. She started to grin, the grin became a smile, until she was loudly laughing. Once again, she grabbed her mace, and swung it into the direction of Eostyn. She hit Eostyn, who fell to the ground. As he took his sword, the Mère-Queen approached … She was ready to kill poor Eostyn, when she said ” You fool, you can’t kill me! NOBODY with points kan kill me !!!” “I have no points” Eostyn yelled. He quickly took his sword, and with one strike, he planted his sword into the ‘face’ of the Mère-Queen ( if you can call that a face offcourse) The mère-queen fell to her knees, her head shaking (the sword still in it!)….a shockwave came out of her body, knocking Eostynn on the floor. Then all the energy from the room was absorded within the cold black emptiness of her hood and her entire being imploded, only her mace and her cloak were left behind, the terrible “J” on it… remained dark forever…

The Loss of a friend
Eostynn came slowly to his feet, only half realising what he had done. He slowly walked towards the body of SaruSven,…the wizard was still alive!!! He took a small flask from his belt, unschrewed the button and gave some of the liquor to the unconcsious wizard. As soon as the wizard swallowed the drups he jumped to his feet and started coughing ferosiously. When the coughing stopped he felt his old self again. “What the heck was that?” he asked? “Some sort of powerfull medicine?” “Naaah, EoStynn said,”just some of old claire’s finest rum.” They both started laughing. A few moments later SaruSven’s eyes fell upon the pile of rubble that covered the body of his friend. He walked slowly towards the stones, and layed his hands upon them, muttering a soft incantation so that the soul of Giandalf could find the way to his forefathers. Eostynn stood watching from a distance. “He was a brave warrior” he said,”We heard his magic, and yours, from miles away,… he went down fighting” SaruSvenn turned around, leaned heavely on his staff and together with EoStynn he walked away from the dreaded corridor. “You know if you could just blast these idiotic rocks away we would ALL feel a lot better.” they heard a voice say inside their heads. “Am I growing mad!!”, Eostynn said, “It cannot be?” “Oh yes it can!, but if you don’t act quickly, I’ll be Giandalf the squashed in stead of Giandalf the white!” “yup it’s him!”SaruSven said and he ran towards the rubble and with a wave of his staff turned all the stones into memorysticks”. “Between the falling of memorysticks Giandalf stood, a blue bubble around him. “Nice, but it took you long enough…” he lowered his staff and the bubble dissolved. He was covered in dust and his robes seemed grey instead of white. “behold Giandalf the Grey! Eostynn called! “ahum”,Giandalf said: “Nothing a good visit at the drycleaners wouldn’t fix, owh wait, that won’t be invented until… 1200 years!” “It will wear off” SaruSven said, But we can’t waste anymore time… We still have a castle to defend! “YEEEESS”, Eostynn yelled, “let’s hunt some orcil!!!” And the three friends ran in the direction of the main gate (Giandalf the White on Shadowprint), hoping that the soldiers didn’t kill ALL the orcils (yet)…The End (of this story anyway 😉 )

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