The Lord of Maigret: The Glennrog of Myleroth

The Bridge of Jhomâd Dhôôm

The fellowship ran throught the dark caves beneath Jomia, the Glennrog still behind them. The horrid stench wich clearly came from behind made them all sick. If they could just make it to the bridge… Another corridor in, a cave out, the smell became worse, they tought they were gonna die, when suddenly… “There!”, Giandalf yelled: “The bridge of Jhomâd-dôômh!, we are safe!” Indeed they were, there was a strong draft at the bridge and the stench was for the most part blown away… All quickly ran over the bridge, as fast as they could. Behind them a wall of flame appeared, Giandalf (who was the oldest and couldn’t run as fast) and Glenmli Uffelaxe a dwarven warrior with a large axe and a grey beard fell a bit behind. (note: the Glennrog and Glenmli are NOT derived from the same person!) Giandalf turned and faced the wall of flame and looked upon the ugly horned face of the Glennrog! He turned again and ran quickly towards the bridge… SaruSven stood there waiting for him “quickly, get moving!” and he helped Giandalf cross the bridge. When he saw the old wizard at the other side SaruSven turned on the spot and faced the Glennrog… alone! “You cannot pass!!” he yelled. The Glennrog stood still for a moment. Was this puny little creature blocking his path? At the other side of the bridge all stood frozen and watched SaruSven. Giandalf rolled his eyes and thought: “Oh my Void, not AGAIN!” The Glennrog raised himself high and ignited releasing more stench from his rotting body. SaruSven swayed a little but remained firm on the ground. “You cannot pass!” he repeated. “I’m the servant of the secret water, wielder of the soap of Anôr… the dark stench shall not avail you!, rotting Udûn!” He held up his staff, a great white orb of energy appeared around the grey wizard. The Glennrog conjured his great rotting sword and swung it down…. CLASH!

The Glennrog staggered and was thrown back… SaruSven remained totally unharmed. In the meanwhile Giandalf came runnning down the bridge but was cut off by Glenmli! “Aaaargh, bring your ugly face to my axe!!” he yelled! he dashed over the bridge but someting was blocking him, an invisible barrier. “Aaargh, show-off” Giandalf muttered from a distance, a tiny flicker of panic in his voice. The Glennrog came to his senses. “Go back to the Shadow!” SaruSven yelled. the Glennrog opened his mouth and yelled at SaruSven. The ugliness of his face was someting the wizard could deal with. But his breath... the intire bridge became covered with toadstools and rotten fungus. SaruSven wavered, he was about to fall down when a strong wind arose and a vortex of wind sucked the stench way downwards into the deep blackness below. SaruSven turned around. Giandalf hovered a meter above the ground his robes and hair fluttering in the wind, his arms stretched out… his staff firmly clutched in his hand. Wheater control was something he practised with for a long time. “WATCH OUT!”he yelled. SaruSven turned around and faced the Glennrog once more, he ducked just in time to dodge his flaming whip. The Glennrog was clearly showing off, trying to prove how tough he was. SaruSven held his staff above him “YOU!” The Glennrog stepped on the bridge”SHALL NOT!” He trusted his staff downwards with all his might “SMELL!!” and the bridge broke in two… The Glennrog cried out one last roar, but fell into shadow. As the smelly creature fell into the abyss, SaruSven stood puffing at the edge, watching downwards as he saw a great green cloud fall. He turned around; Giandalf stood on the ground again, unmistakably smiling. But then SaruSven felt a great pull at his legs and fell from the bridge, he let go off his faithfull staff and clung desperatly on to the bridge. The Glennrog had used his whip once more and had wrapped it around the wizard’s foot, dragging him downwards. SaruSven’s arms where sore, he could not hold on much longer. Giandalf ran as fast as he could over the bridge, the barrier was gone anyway, but SaruSven yelled: “NOO!!, go back!!!, I’m not worth saving! Run then you FOOL!” and he let go….

Here we go again…
Giandalf stopped at the edge of the bridge where his friend stood a few moments ago, he saw Orcils running of the adjecent stairs. “Always trying to be the hero.” he muttered,”Melodramatic bastard.” (a soft smile appeared on his face) “Ah well, here we go again!” he turned his head around, smiled at the fellowship, gave a soft wink (the Orcils where ready to fire) and then jumped into the abyss. (The arrows flew right over him and clashed on the rocks.) In the meanwhile SaruSven was still falling, he made himself as sleek as possible and zoofed downwards. In the distance something was shining (and smelling!) and it became bigger and bigger. But there was someting else, a long metal staff with a shining orb. SaruSven stretched out his arms and grabbed it: “Come here you!” He was now almost in close contact with the Glennrog… Luckaly they were falling so fast the stench of his rotting body wasn’t so clear anymore. The wizard began hitting the monster’s ugly face with the spiked end of his staff; “Take this, and That” A great rotting hand waved SaruSven away, and the wizard almost clashed against the rocks. He then grabbed one of the Glennrogs great horns and swung himself on his head… He looked like some absurd cowboy riding an even more absurd horse. He trusted his staff (with the pointy end 😉 ) into the Glennrogs head. It staggered and clashed with his face against some protuding rocks. …. In the meanwhile, several miles above. Giandalf fell neatly downward. In mid-air he crossed his legs and conjured a cup of tea (with a cookie offcourse!! 😮 ) and yelled at the white flashes below (SaruSven was obviously using magic now): “DO YOU WANT SOME TEA??”…. “CAN’T YOU SEE I’M BUSY!!” an irritated voice answered. “Well there’s no need to get angry.” Giandalf muttered to himself and sipped his tea. The battle waged on and the 2 struggling foe’s suddenly saw the rocky edges dissapear…

The Soap of Anôr

A great cave filled with water appeared below. When the Glennrog saw his arch-enemy (water) he made desperate attempts to fly upwards. But SaruSven blocked him and with a thunderous splash they fell into the deep, ice-cold water. The Glennrog screeched and yelled and moaned, his wings (wich was just rotten flesh, actually) dissolved, but it’s body, wich was protected by a thick crust of dirt, was more or less unaffected. It became so angry he kicked the small wizard out of the water. SaruSven flew through the air. He was about to collide with a group of razorsharp rocks when he just: dissapeared. A bit further he reappeared on a small balcony of rocks (teleporting is so much fun!), and fell to the ground. He was to tired to carry on. The Glennrog advanced through the water towards the wizard, wanting to make him pay for what he had done. But he never reached him.Waaaay upwards out of the hole where they both fell through a large piece of soap came tumbling down, on the soap stood the words: “Soap of Anor” The Glennrog’s eyes went wide open, he waded through the water as fast as it could towards dry land, but the soap beat it to it. The piece fell with a splash and everywhere great blue and pink bubbles appeared. The creature screeched and yelled in utter pain and fear. Half of it’s body dissolved instantly. Giandalf floated softly downwards on one of his great conjured umbrella’s….he looked a lot like Mary Poppins at that moment (but then more of a Wizard Poppins). He steered his umbrella and landed a bit in front of the great beast. It looked awfull; half it’s face was gone, the crust around his body and the layers upon layers of dirt below it where dissolved by the soap. He looked more like a beast with anorexia then the fat monster a few moments ago. The beast was horrified by it’s appearance, so CLEAN!! (well for the Glennrog anyway) It howled angrily at Giandalf who calmy searched in the pockets of his robe for someting…. The beast raised himself high, and showed himself from his ugliest side so he could scare the wizard away! Giandalf pretended he never even saw it, he took out a long silver canister from his inner pocket. On the canister stood three swirling letters: “DEO” The Glennrog became bleak when he saw it. Giandalf shook it a bit. The Glennrog tried to excape, but Giandalf was already spraying. Feeling the stinging pain of the spray it began to run upwards as fast as it could, away from the water, from the soap and from the deodorant.

The peaks of Smithadras

Giandalf ran towards SaruSven, and tried to wake him. “AAargh , it’s no use…” He heaved his friend upon his schoulders and ran after the Glennrog. But the Glennrog was way to fast, motivated by fear and offcourse simply because of the length of his legs… he could easily outrun the 2. Giandalf only saw the light of his flames around the corner…. if he lost the creature, they would be lost here. He closed his eyes, concentrated and his intire moleculair structure (together with that of SaruSven) fell apart in tiny glistering blue orbs. The orbs swirled around and flew with dazzling speed towards the faint light in the distance. In no time they where back on the Glennrog’s track. And so the creature continued it’s way towards the highest top of it’s lair…. The peaks of Smitadhras. Smithadras was the high abandonned geography classroom. Ice cold wind always blows there. And it is rumored that a terrible and boring teacher (Mrs Smit) once dwelled there. The roof of the classroom was teared open, half of it’s walls where gone. Everywhere pieces of broken benches and chairs could be seen, at the far end only the blackboard was still standing and the ice cold wind was still blowing. Undoubtedly the classroom had a new master, and a destructive one, the Glennrog had been busy. The orbs swirled and ducked behind a piece of broken bench where the 2 wizards rematerialized. “Huh, what?…..where am I?” a confused SaruSven asked. “Ah, you’re awake again!, good….we’ve got a Glennrog to defeat.” Giandalf said with a smile. “Ah come on 5 more minutes of sleep?” Giandalf looked very carefully at his friend. “Oooooh allright then, let’s get this over with.” Giandalf helped his friend on his feet; “ready?,” he said “on the count of three,…one…two…THREE!” They both leaped from behind the bench and started yelling at the big ruddy beast: “Hey, yeah you out there, we ain’t done yet! Come here and show you’re a man….euh, a beast….. oh well at least an “it”!!”The Glennrog,who was apperantly trying to sleep, raised his (half dissolved) head, his eye turned red with anger and bloodlust. It jumped to it’s…wel… hooves and stormed in a fury on the two. SaruSven felt a serious increase in the wind behind him, he looked back and saw…. nobody? Where is Giandalf!!!!

The Ice and the Fire.

SaruSven turned around and saw a great rotting fist coming straight for him. “ARGH!”….. a white flash…. and he dissapeared again. This time he reappeared right behind the beast’s back. He clutched his staff more fiercly and started hitting and smashing every piece of Glennrog he could find. But no matter how hard he tried, the fat lump of skin on his back was too thick. The Glennrog just stood watching with a bedazzeled look to the place where SaruSven stood a moment ago. He didn’t even realise someone was hitting him. The wizard saw it was useless, he took some distance and lifted his hand: reaching for it’s mind. (This was an old trick of SaruSven, trying to take over the mind of a beast in order to control it, or calm it down.) But as he reached out, he sensed: there was nothing there! The Glennrog froze, turned around, his fist raised high. The wizard dived out of the way whilest casting a frost spell at the creature’s left leg. The fist missed but the spell didn’t. As SaruSven backed out. The creature looked stupidly at his leg wich was frozen to ground in an enormous icicle. He started pulling at it, but the icicle didn’t budge. SaruSven was breathing heavily, he stood at the far end of the classroom and was almost at the end of his powers. “Where the HELL is Giandalf!!! How COULD he leave me, and why is this wheater so damn COLD!!” he looked up, balled a fist and started swearing against the wheater. “AH you basterdlike lit……. ” and then he saw it. A gray figure fluttering in the wind, calling to the weather: “InituterodebonambodebourgetariodebosambotargarosanougandaendeBOMBONA!!!” When the word “bombona” sounded through the heavens one… no two…. no, three lightningbolts struck the Glennrog in the back. The beast howled in rage. but remained unharmed, the hump on his back protected him, even from this sort of punishment. With a fiery eye it turned to SaruSven, and started throwing his deadliest weapon, his: “flying shit”. SaruSven remained rooted to the floor, it was too late to mutter a counterspell. He braced for impact. But impact never came, at least not for him. Another strong wind blew the shit out of course and catapulted it back to his thrower. The Glennrog got the full blast of it. The winds shifted and turned in a vortex around the beast. Heavy snowfall mingled in the winds. Giandalf was trying to freeze the Glennrog to death. Temperatures dropped at a horrific rate….

The Bannishing of the Glennrog

SaruSven crawled behind a bench and tried to warm himself to his robes. “MAN, was it cold out there”. After a while he peeked over the edge of the bench. The Glennrog had ignited himself again. It was his dark flame against the storm of Giandalf, and it looked like Giandalf was running out of ice! The wizard could barely hold himself aloft, blood flowed out of his nose, and he started to sway in the winds. The bright light on his hand (where SaruSven knew the ring of Google must be) slowly faded out. SaruSven suddenly had an idea!! “Giandalf!!” he called “Giandalf. Hit ME!” “WHAT!!?? Giandalf yelled” “Hit me with a lightning bolt!!, come on I know what i’m doing: HIT ME!!” “I..I can’t hold on any longer…” “You MUST, c’mon!!!” Suddenly something changed in his friend, like if he had found a new source of power, Giandalf straightened himself up, raised his hands properly, the light on his finger shone ever so brightly. SaruSven faced his foe and held his staff above his head, he aimed his hand for the Glennrog, who knew something was happening. It ignited even further, desperatly trying to get warm again so he could conjure up his whip and swing that wizard out of the skies. But it was to late.. A cracking sound was heard. A THUNDEROUS clash. And a great bolt of lightning zoofed down upon the wizard. A few meters above his staff SaruSven arced the lightningbolt in the direction of the beast! And hit it centre-chest. The Glennrog flew backwards, the icicle at his legs shattered. The great monster crashed through the lone blackbord and tumbled down to a ledge on the second floor of the school. They had smoten it down. Giandalf lost all control and dwarreled like a leaf downwards, his robes fluttering all around him. His friend quickly pointed his hand towards the falling body and stopped it in mid-air. He steadied him and landed the wizard softly on the floor. SaruSven leaned heavily on his staff. “Don’t worry my friend, I’ll get you out…” He crawled towards him and heaved him on his shoulders. Slowly SaruSven walked towards the doors of Smithadras, their way out… But it was no use, he fell to his knees, let go of his friend, and fell into darkness, and the only thing he saw was a blinking red dot, that seemed to move away from him…

Note from Merry (a.k.a Giandalf):

This story is dedicated to my fellowship in 5EMT and 5MTW, especially to SaruSven for he has been my friend through many battles and the Lady Linadriel for she always watches over me when I’m in trouble.

Thanks to all these people I have been able to jump into the Abyss time and time again without getting hurt. Thank you all.

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