Notes on "The Glennrog of Myleroth"

We will now wave away all the rumors about SaruSven and Giandalf’s death.
They did not die. (bad news for Proggieweb!!, the war continues!!)

No, they paid a brief visit to cyberspace (afterlife). Why cyberspace? Because the stories are based upon a made-up faith called “The Void” (he is the God of Cyberspace and everything that has to do with computers.) and he has a sister called Dell, our pc-Matron (or Game-matron since she is the Lady of all games). You will hear these names frequently throughout “The lord of Maigret” since it is actually a battle between the evil forces of school: Nâz-Teachers, The Great Blub… and the followers of the Void: (E.G. Giandalf and SaruSven). Now, as you know teachers are people (excuse me: creatures!!!) with great power. The Nâz-Teachers have but to wave their hand and you are locked forever in essay-land where you will have to do homework for no marks at all, for the rest of your life under the allseeing eye of Mr. “The Wild”. This is also what will happen if the “One Maigret” falls into the claws of the great blub! On their little excursion Giandalf and SaruSven met our Game-matron: Dell (the void was still sleeping) and she used her extroadinairy powers and cheatcodes to triple! (yes TRIPLE!!) The 2 wizard’s power… they were also given an intire new and more powerfull array of spells, based on their old ones. (compare Giandalfs lightningbolt in “The Glennrog of Myleroth” with the one from “The Mère-Queen of Lâtmar”, you will find he has a great deal more control over it, not that he can’t controle the wheater on a massive scale, ha can still do that as well) and are now equals in power with all the Nâz-Teachers (in some occasions even higher in power!). So they can not be send to essay-land with a wave of a hand (or claw).

From that moment on, they were both White Wizards and were sent back by FTP-Protocol until their task was done…

PS: for a copy of “the ten commandments of The Void” (our guidlines) click here

now enjoy the Glennrog of Myleroth =)!!
Pippin and Merry

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