The Lord Of Maigret: The treachery of VC

Arrivals and Videocards

All was quiet in Isenclass, the children were playing happilly on their pc/tree-hybrids. Field were green, games were all around and it looked like those blue skies would never go away, when all of a sudden a “Pop” was heard. Some of the children looked up in total amazement. There stood a real grey wizard over there!!! SaruSven looked around: “Oef” he thought “all is normal here.” And he was quite right, having seen the destruction of most classrooms or playgrounds, he was relieved that this one was unharmed. A great number of children ran towards him and started pulling his robes.
“Mister, is it true that you invented the Quantum GT X-force videocard 6000?!!.” “yes but….” “WAUW!!” the child yelled “hey guys, come take a look It’s the inventor of the Quantum GT X-force videocard 6000″ ” Ow dear, here we go again” he sighed and…. he was gone. “where did he go?” a little girl asked. There was a great deal of “Ooooh” and “Aaaawww” and dissapointed faces (quite sad actually). One of the boys leaned against a Pc/tree and sat down. As he sat down he saw silver blossom twirrling down and he heard a familiar tone on his pc. “New hardware found…” I don’t think there is any need to clarify what had happened… let us just say that the wind of silver leaves and the sound of cheers says enough. ( Not to mention that the pc’s were now working with 2048 MB of DRR3 ram, at a frequency of 2500 Mhz and a memory clock-rating of 1200 Mhz, powered by 2400 pixel-pipelines and 5050 vertex-shaders (isn’t magic wonderfull?)) As for SaruSven?
He reappeared at the edge of the woods and walked quickly over the fields towards the great doors of Orthclass ….

VC Of Many Colours

As SaruSven approached the massive doors of Orthclass a teacher clad in multicoloured robes stepped down the solid metal stairs:”Smoke rises from the Mountain of Trash, the hour grows late and SaruSven beams to Isenclass seeking my counsel. For that is why you have come is it not?… my old pupil.” The Teacher smiled weakly as she said it.


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