The Lord of Maigret: The 3 hunters

(Because of several accuracy problems and because we wanted to introduce several new jokes we decided to change the order of 2 chapters in this story compared with the Tolkien counterpart, for that we apologize.)

Let us hunt some Orcil!

Aramax threw away most of the unnecessairy equipment, she fastened penduril around her waist and said to Glenmli. “I will not leave Nicorry to homework and tests. Let’s hunt some orcil!” “Yeessss!!” Glenmli picked up his axe and ran after Aramax who dissapeared in the woods. The 2 hunters ran with all speed, stopping only to sleep or eat and after the first day they hardly didn’t do any of those 2 things anymore! “They are runnin’ … as if tha very whips … of their … masters … were behin’ them.” Glenmli yelled at Aramax, while puffing and trying to keep up. Aramax halted and looked around a corner. All she could see where corridors upon corridors upon corridors, it seemed endless. “2 days and nights pursuit … no food … no rest … and no sign of our quarry … then what bare tiles can tell!! I’m tellin’ ya Aramax, something’s wrong here … something gives speed to these foul beasts … and sets his will against us.”


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The Lord of Maigret: The Triangle of Blub

The host marched on: pupils, gamers, elves and wizards marched through the corridors of doom and entered the dreaded eastern wing of Middle-School. Right in front of them stood the lobby of Minas Entrance. Minas Entrance is the home of the Naz-Teachers: a place where tests are wrongfully corrected and where the coffee-machine of doom supplies them. But no longer. Aramax, Giandalf and Sarusven rode into the corridor towards the dark lobby and collapsed it. Any Naz-Teachers would now be locked in there until judgement day, with only the spluttering coffee-machine of doom to keep them company… Soon after this small victory they reached the black gates of Blubdoor. The host gathered on the small playground before the high black gates and waited… Aramax looked around, the crowd was restless.. although there was no fear in their eyes, it is always hard to wait for battle. “Let’s get it over with!”: she said to her companions. Giandalf nodded and together they turned their horses towards the gates, SaruSven, Glenmli, Eostynn, Daxie and Nicorry in their wake. They halted right in front of it. Aramax looks up and yells: “Let the teacher of the dark French come forth! Let justice be done upon her!” As if in reply the gates opened and a dark figure rides out to meet them. This was no Naz-Teacher, since there was no aura of anxiety and examfailure around it. But who then could it be? The figure halts in front of Aramax, it had no eyes although it seemed to be looking right at her. It’s mouth was huge, with razorsharp teeth and some sort of markings around the helmet it wore (V(-1/0)). The most disturbing thing they could see was a long, sharp geometric triangle hanging from it’s belt. There was something reddish dripping of it… “My mistress, Blub the great, bids thee welcome.” It smiled in a most gruesome way. As soon as SaruStrike heard the weird accent in which it spoke he whispered to Giandalf: “Another math teacher…” “Definatly, and it looks like it’s the Triangle herself. ” “The Triangle of Blub?, the most ruthless and strict math-teacher of all?” SaruSven asked.


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