The Lord of Maigret: The 3 hunters

(Because of several accuracy problems and because we wanted to introduce several new jokes we decided to change the order of 2 chapters in this story compared with the Tolkien counterpart, for that we apologize.)

Let us hunt some Orcil!

Aramax threw away most of the unnecessairy equipment, she fastened penduril around her waist and said to Glenmli. “I will not leave Nicorry to homework and tests. Let’s hunt some orcil!” “Yeessss!!” Glenmli picked up his axe and ran after Aramax who dissapeared in the woods. The 2 hunters ran with all speed, stopping only to sleep or eat and after the first day they hardly didn’t do any of those 2 things anymore! “They are runnin’ … as if tha very whips … of their … masters … were behin’ them.” Glenmli yelled at Aramax, while puffing and trying to keep up. Aramax halted and looked around a corner. All she could see where corridors upon corridors upon corridors, it seemed endless. “2 days and nights pursuit … no food … no rest … and no sign of our quarry … then what bare tiles can tell!! I’m tellin’ ya Aramax, something’s wrong here … something gives speed to these foul beasts … and sets his will against us.”

Aramax looked at her exhausted friend, then she watched through a window and noticed a small group making it’s way across the playground. “They are taking him to IsenClass! … VC … ” she said gravely. “We have them cornered now, they are running towards those trees there, they won’t escape!” “AAArgghh” Glenmli moaned, “I’m wasted on corridor-running, we dwarves are natural sprinters!”

The Grey Teacher:

They chased after the Orcil-high and entered the woods on the abandoned playground. “Look! Aramax! Scorchmarks!” Aramax bent over a black spot in the moss, then she lifted her head and spotted some broken branches. “That way…” “Whot happened here?” Glenmli asked, “What madness drove them into these desolate parts of middle school?” “This is what drove them in here.” she pointed over a fallen tree-trunk, “Be carefull Glenmli!” Glenmli slowly walked towards her and peeked over the trunk. “AAAARGH!” He fell on his back swearing and cursing; “While you rascal!, you … you …” Aramax laughed out loud and helped her friend on his feet. “you … you …” “While Glenmli I didn’t know you where so afraid of yourself.” “I’m not!” Glenmli took another glimpse over the trunk, there was a pool of water there and the reflection of a big bearded dwarf that seemed to look right at him. “I just pretended it all, to make you laugh a bit you know, you’ve been all serious ever since we began this chase!” Aramax kept on laughing and now Glenmli couldn’t help but grin at his own ridiculous statement. Suddenly Glenmli’s expression became rigid. “There is something there! A teacher approaches!” Now Aramax began to feel it to; “VC… Do not let her speak, she will place a zero on us.” She took out penduril and waited. Glenmli grabbed his axe, and with his other hand his second axe, his eyes on the third axe hanging on his belt. Both stood frozen until they heard a cracking sound. The teacher was right behind them! “We must be swift,” Aramax whispered. They both turned around. A fierce red light erupted behind the shape of a robed person standing on a hill. Glenmli threw his first axe, which was instantly paried by the teacher and it shattered into tiny bits. Now she aimed her staff at Penduril, the ink in the magical pen began to boil and Aramax had to drop it. The 2 hunters both shielded their eyes from the bright red light, fearing what came next. “You are tracking the footsteps of a goup of Orcil-High,” an unusual deep woman’s voice said. “They passed this way, just 20 minutes ago, they met someone they … did not expect. The hobbit they are carrying is safe at the moment, does that comfort you?”

The 3 hunters:

Glenmli gave a startled expression towards Aramax, they expected certain death instead of idle talk. Something was very odd about this teacher, in fact it couldn’t even be a teacher, teachers can’t wield a staff! “Who are you! Show yourself!” The light vanished and on the hill stood a young woman, about 28 years old, with long black hair and piercing deep blue eyes, dressed in scarlet robes. “It can not be!” Aramax whispered. “Forgive me!” Glenmli said,” I mistook you for a teacher!” “I am a teacher!” The woman said with a soft voice, “Or rather I am as a teacher should be!” “But… you are a witch?” “Yes, I arrived here just moments ago through one of my portals and I found a battalion of Orcil-High in my way, yet I’m afraid they still have the little one. I have come here to take VC’s place, to undo the terrible things she did and help the surviving children.” Glenmli muttered in himself, “So 2 of our friends die and they just send a replacement witch…” “Giandalf? SaruSven? They are not dead” Aramax leaped on the hill. “Not dead?, but they fell!” “Through stench, and water. From the lowest basement to the highest classroom they fought the Glennrog of Myleroth. Until at last they smote down their enemy and blasted him through the blackboard.” The witch rummaged in her robes (No wonder they didn’t notice at first she was a witch, she cloaked her presence with those odd-coloured robes!!) and took out an oldfashioned gold clock. “They should reach Edoclass about now.” She jumped of the hill and walked through a half-hidden path between the trees, “This way, or do you want to risk the orcil-high reaching IsenClass before we reach them?” She took off at an amazing pace, a startled Glenmli and Aramax behind her. Then she stopped, causing the other 2 to bump into her. “Where are my manners!” She turned around, “I am Daxie The Grey, though I think it is hard for you to notice. And I come here to you now, at the turn of the tide…” She added in an amusing sort of way. Then she continued. Glenmli looked at Aramax, Aramax at Glenmli. Well this was indeed the most unusual compagnon they could ever imagine…

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  1. Howdy!? Pleased, very very pleased… My first impression. Gorgeous! Totally tubular! Bubbling! Xtreme fantastico! The max! The most magnificent story telling with an opening on a new area of creating wordsworlds: for the sake of the reader’s mind to keep on turning. Thinky blinky& softy wafty! Yes, that’s it: Good Luck, ye good men!

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