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The end of Blub


Writers note:

Many months have passed since SaruSven and Giandalf took that leap of fate together and jumped carelessly into the abyss after some hideous monstrosity *looks happily back on good old days*. Yet all great tales have to have an ending. It seemed that the 2 wizards who have so joyfully mocked one of the greatest stories of the 19th century (and especially the movie!) were never going to have an adventure anymore. WRONG!

I admit, I never thought I’d take the time to open my laptop again and start writing one of those funny and controversial tales that we all love so much.

Yet this night (must be a full moon) I find the writers gene irresistible and I start yet again where we left of….


Through the gates.


Shadowprint leaped over, strode and galloped with a natural elegance between the thousands of bodies clashed together in epic combat. Indeed, the scope was certainly epic, Not in the

longest recess ever recorded did the playground look so crowded. The armies of Blub pitched every available teacher, substitute, janitor or brainwashed Orcil against our own assortment of fighters. Giandalf didn’t have the time however to contemplate the moment and whatever brought us there, time was of the essence! Although the destruction of the “Maigret” would ensure a sizeable portion of Blub’s power to be destroyed and sever it from the magic of the internet (so it can never dominate us again.) The embodiment of blub, it’s avatar in Middle-School so to speak, had to be destroyed. Giandalf knocked down an orcil with his staff and steered on. Giandalf knew that when Gilldo finally throws that infernal book into Mount trash it will be the end of Blub! She will be stopped from tuning in to the weather channel and conjuring up some damned darkness whenever she pleases. Best of all it would be done with the mind controlling of thousands of innocent pupils, broken by french tests and useless tasks which turned them into orcils. The tought of the process made him shiver. “No” he reasoned, “Got to stay focused now.” He made a sweeping motion with his hand and a particular ugly troll was suddenly brandishing a rubber chicken instead of a zero-shaped club. Finally Giandalf reached the lowest part of the Blubdorian gates.


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