The Lord of Maigret: The 3 hunters

(Because of several accuracy problems and because we wanted to introduce several new jokes we decided to change the order of 2 chapters in this story compared with the Tolkien counterpart, for that we apologize.)

Let us hunt some Orcil!

Aramax threw away most of the unnecessairy equipment, she fastened penduril around her waist and said to Glenmli. “I will not leave Nicorry to homework and tests. Let’s hunt some orcil!” “Yeessss!!” Glenmli picked up his axe and ran after Aramax who dissapeared in the woods. The 2 hunters ran with all speed, stopping only to sleep or eat and after the first day they hardly didn’t do any of those 2 things anymore! “They are runnin’ … as if tha very whips … of their … masters … were behin’ them.” Glenmli yelled at Aramax, while puffing and trying to keep up. Aramax halted and looked around a corner. All she could see where corridors upon corridors upon corridors, it seemed endless. “2 days and nights pursuit … no food … no rest … and no sign of our quarry … then what bare tiles can tell!! I’m tellin’ ya Aramax, something’s wrong here … something gives speed to these foul beasts … and sets his will against us.”


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