The treachery of VC

The Lord Of Maigret: The treachery of VC

Arrivals and Videocards

All was quiet in Isenclass, the children were playing happilly on their pc/tree-hybrids. Field were green, games were all around and it looked like those blue skies would never go away, when all of a sudden a “Pop” was heard. Some of the children looked up in total amazement. There stood a real grey wizard over there!!! SaruSven looked around: “Oef” he thought “all is normal here.” And he was quite right, having seen the destruction of most classrooms or playgrounds, he was relieved that this one was unharmed. A great number of children ran towards him and started pulling his robes.
“Mister, is it true that you invented the Quantum GT X-force videocard 6000?!!.” “yes but….” “WAUW!!” the child yelled “hey guys, come take a look It’s the inventor of the Quantum GT X-force videocard 6000″ ” Ow dear, here we go again” he sighed and…. he was gone. “where did he go?” a little girl asked. There was a great deal of “Ooooh” and “Aaaawww” and dissapointed faces (quite sad actually). One of the boys leaned against a Pc/tree and sat down. As he sat down he saw silver blossom twirrling down and he heard a familiar tone on his pc. “New hardware found…” I don’t think there is any need to clarify what had happened… let us just say that the wind of silver leaves and the sound of cheers says enough. ( Not to mention that the pc’s were now working with 2048 MB of DRR3 ram, at a frequency of 2500 Mhz and a memory clock-rating of 1200 Mhz, powered by 2400 pixel-pipelines and 5050 vertex-shaders (isn’t magic wonderfull?)) As for SaruSven?
He reappeared at the edge of the woods and walked quickly over the fields towards the great doors of Orthclass ….

VC Of Many Colours

As SaruSven approached the massive doors of Orthclass a teacher clad in multicoloured robes stepped down the solid metal stairs:”Smoke rises from the Mountain of Trash, the hour grows late and SaruSven beams to Isenclass seeking my counsel. For that is why you have come is it not?… my old pupil.” The Teacher smiled weakly as she said it.

SaruSven stood now face to face with the teacher. He took a good look at VC (one of the last remaining guardians of pupils in Middle-School, the others had turned to darkness either by their own will, or enslaved by the books of control they got from Blub.)

But there was something different about her, the robes for once: they turned a different shade of colour every time she moved. At some point SaruSven just couldn’t help but ask:”Some fashion change?, don’t you think it’s a bit dangerous for the children… eppillipsy attacks and all.” At the sound of the word white, something seemed to change in the expressionless face of VC. “White?, BLAH!! What is white? The white essay can be filled in, the white robe can be dyed, the white light can be broken.” “Actually” SaruSven interjected; “I invented a way to bend light a long time ago, there’s no need to breake it.” At this response VC’s face turned weary. “Come inside.” She turned on the spot and silently climbed the stairs towards Orthclass. SaruSven followed but suddenly felt alarmed.. maybe it wasn’t so normal here?… As he walked through the great doors he heard a schoolbell in the distance. “But” and he turned in alarm; “that’s impo…”. VC jumped in front of him and quickly closed the doors, blocking him from the outside view. “Keep moving.” Now SaruSven knew it for sure.. something was definatly wrong here…….

The Upstairs Study

VC led SaruSven to her study. She sat down in the big seat behind her desk, offered SaruSven an adjecent chair and poured out some wine. “Want some? it’s a fine year..” (She had turned to her expressionless state again) “No thx.” VC shot a curious look at him then said: “what brings you to OrthClass, like I said before: I don’t think you came here for a social call?” “No, The Nine have crossed the river Isen on Mid-Sommers Eve.” Or so Giandalf told me, “We were concerned about the children here, that is why I came.” “Giandalf?” And VC definatly scowled.”That that no-good pupil has ever made it to wizard I will never know!. He barely made it through my tests!! Giandalf Test-failer, Giandalf the joker, Giandalf the silly boy!!!” SaruSven kept a calm face although if he could he would’ve tossed a fireball at VC. “He might’ve only just passed your tests, but he is a great wizard. And like so many others his magic can’t be explained by stupidly filling in tests!!” VC pretended she didn’t heard that, “It doesn’t matter, he played his part… but now tell me, for again, if you needed a checkup you could’ve just send a messenger. What is on your mind?” It was something in her voice that eased SaruSven a bit.. although later it seemed that she had used the powerfull magic of some charm spell on him.. but nevertheless SaruSven began his story about the finding of the one maigret and how he send Gilldo and Tamwise Delarries on their mission…

The Treachery Uncovered

“So the book of power has been found.” VC muttered. “Indeed it has”, SaruSven Said “but there is still time, time enough to counter Blub if we act quickly.” “Time?, didn’t I already told you the hour was late? As always you come to my class way after the bell has rung. Blub has regained much of her former blubbiness, she can not yet take fluid form. But her spirit has lost none of it’s potency. Concealed within the fortress of Blub-â-dûr. Her radioactive rays pierces clouds, dictionnairies, shadow and tests. She is excercising all her evil now…soon she will summon an army great enough to launch an assault upon middle school!” “You know this?” SaruSven asked in bewilderment. “How?” “I have seen it” VC jumped to her feet and walked into a large circular classroom. the benches stood in a circle, there was a chest loaded with dictionnairies at one end of the wall and in the middle of the room stood a stand on wich an object lay, hidden under a dark cloth” As VC looked around for her remote SaruSven (who immediatly recognized the object) said warningly: “a palazer is a dangerous tool VC!, you never know who is sending it’s information, it might be VTM, 5TV or….worse.” and suddenly an imagine appeared in SaruSven’s mind: A long high tower….and on top of it a great blubbery substance, glowing in the light of green rays. In the meanwhile VC sat in her high chair and looked down upon SaruSven. “You did not really think that a pupil could content with the will of Blub? There are none who can!” SaruSven ran for the door but VC lazily pressed a button on her remote and the door shut in front of him. Again SaruSven tried another door, and another until eventually he was locked in. VC continued: “Against the power of the east classrooms, there can be no victory. But my old pupil and helper, if we were to aquire this book of power and find means to bend it to our will” her voice became softer and more sceming: “We ourselves could rule, and finally bring order and homework to those lesser students beneath us!” “Tell me, my old teacher,” SaruSven said with a controlled anger in his voice, “sinds when did VC the WHITE abandon teachings for MADNESS!” “FOOOOL!!” VC jumped straight, took out her red balpoint and blasted SaruSven against the wall and kept him there, suspended 2 meters above the ground while she yelled: “I am not that weakling anymore. I am VC cloudmaker, VC the corrector, VC of many colours!!!

Battle in Orthclass

VC released SaruSven from her spell and he fell to the ground. “So now you have finally shown your true nature,” and with one swift move he trusted his staff forward and sent VC flying through the air. As the teacher crashed into a closet SaruSven leaned on his staff and got to his feet. But on the other side of the room VC squrried to her feet and waved her ballpoint. The chest with dictionnaires flew open and it’s contents (dictionnairies offcourse) hurled themsleves out of the chest and started attacking the unfortunate grey wizard. As a response the wizard turned 360 degrees in a swirling movement, his staff and robes seemed to incinerate and soon he was engulfed in a small tornado of fire. The dictionnairies stopped at the look of any book’s greatest fear and quickly flew back into the chest and closed it. As the small inferno vanished VC threw a desk at SaruSven who only just ducked and missed it by an inch. SaruSven aimed at a nearby closet that sprung to life, sprinted towards VC and swallowed her whole. “Can you not hear yourself!” he pleaded, “You sound just like a spokesmen of Blub! You have been brainwashed by that 5TV propaganda!” “I did not expected you to understand!!” BOEM! the closet exploded into a thousand tiny little bits. “And therefore you…” She trapped SaruSven by binding his arms with a red zero. “have selected…” She pointed her ballpoint at him again and tortured him with images of stress, exams, Seline and other horrible stuff.. “the way of..” She gave one last firm flick of that ballpoint “PAIN!!” under a loud BANG SaruSven was catapulted into the air, and blasted through the many ceilings of the classrooms above. Then all became black before the wizards eyes…. VC looked at her now nearly ruined classroom, her closet was destroyed, her dictonnairies too scared to come out of their chest, a large scorchmark on the floor and a hole in the ceiling… Oh Dear, she said, and I sooo HATE cleaning.

The scouring of IsenClass

SaruSven awoke at the top of Orthclass, at first he didn’t realized what just happened or what he was doing here. Then his senses caught up with him… He needed time to process this, Vc was always eccentric, but to turn to such evil… and by her own accord nevertheless! Slowly he crawled towards the edge of the roof. He imagined that the pain must be terrible, being blasted through the ceilings of 3 classrooms tends to leave a mark. Yet he felt near to nothing. His wounds had healed miraculously. How odd?, yet he had no time for such trifles… he needed to see what was going on… he needed to know where those awfull noises came from. Then he saw it. The Orcils of Blub had been unleashed on the peacefull place he saw just hours ago. It was a terrible sight. The orcils destroyed game-disks with diamond rods, they replaced the gameboxes with pocket versions of Van Dale: English edition, They downloaded RAM-eating, program absorbing virusses before burning the Pc/trees to the ground. Not a single silver blossom was found anymore. The children were rounded up and chained onto benches where they were forced to learn English while drogued! They became the Orcil-High. Brainwashed until their previous life was erased. Eventually they became even more vicious then the Orcils of Blub (stronger too). Yet SaruSven noticed one thing between all the horror. Some of the children that ran into the west part of the woods never came out. Orcils poured into that part to catch them….but came out empty handed. Another thing was that the spreading virusses hardly affected that part…some sort of firewall was erected…. but by whom?

“Do you like my changes?” A mocking voice asked behind him. “Actually, if I were you I’d fire my outdoor decorator.” SaruSven replied. Apperantly VC didn’t like his cheeky answer becouse the next moment he was flying over the rooftop and landed rather roughly in the middle of it. As the grey wizard looked up he saw that VC didn’t use her ballpoint anymore….but his own staff. “Yes”, she said: “I always wanted one of these… ironic isn’t it, being tormented by your own staff.” She magically dragged him over the floor again, until he was hanging suspended in mid air his feet barely touching the edge of the roof. VC turned him over so he would face her and not the ground wich was about 150 meters below. “Tell me where they took the One Maigret and I will let you live.” she said. Suddenly SaruSven became aware that something heavy just materialized in his pocket. VC was losing her patience now. She waved the staff and SaruSven keeled over and fell face down on the hard Classroom roof. The wizard slowly felt in his pocket…and when he felt the object… he smiled. Quickly he stood upright and said “There is only one Lord of Maigret, VC, and she does not share power!!” He leaped towards her, yanked his staff out of her hands. and jumped of the roof.

The Flight

VC looked bedazzled. She ran towards the edge of the roof and below she saw… the back of a HUGE eagle shaped paraglider. “GET HIM!” she yelled towards her orcil archers below…before he gets away!!” As the magically enhanced voice bellowed orders SaruSven was well on his way out….but he’d never make it. It was a cold winter night and he was losing height at a horrific rate. Instead he instinctivly turned towards the only spot he just might reach…. The trees at the west corner. Orcils yelled, arrows flew past,..just a few meters now. He was flying low over the treetops. Then without knowing why he released the glider just when his feet touched the first treetop… he fell through the thick branches and leaves. He felt branches cutting him everywhere, he was certainly going to break his neck or something. He saw a Dazzling green light and then he hit the ground. But not the relatively hard ground in Isenclass, but a soft moss and leaf covered one. Slowly he opened his eyes. The sun was shining through golden leaves. Blossoms twirrled everywhere. Then two arms heaved him to his feet. He grabbed his staff turned around in defense and …. “Giandalf?”

There he stood, a tall wizard clad in the same grey robes as his, with a grey pointy hat, leaning on his wooden staff. “Where Am I?, What are you doing here?” SaruSven asked amazed. Giandalf smiled and just said: “Welcome to Lothgamien.”

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